Microcannula- Choosy Affair

Life has become one big struggle where we have to go from pillar to post to make ends meet that greatly impacts our health and it becomes our job to take care of ourselves.

There are five sense organs in our body that we all have- eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue through which we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste respectively. They all have equal contribution in making up the human body.

It is debatable as to which of these functions are more important than the other but if you ask anyone then they’ll say that they all are equally important, which is true but today we shall keep our focus solely on skincare and learn something new about it so that readers would know what to do in this matter.

Skin Procedure

Skincare is a relevant practice that we all should take seriously and for good reason because it helps in keeping our skin healthy and makes us look at least 20 years younger than we are.

Skin rejuvenation helps maintain the glow surrounding the face without any signs of ageing but today we are into Microcannula, a necessary therapy that plays a major role in getting rid of dead skin cells.

In regular skincare, hypodermic needles are used for injection but the problem is that it has an ultra sharp tip that can damage the deeper layers of tissues and cause harm in many other ways.

This is the reason why many consider skincare a risky business because not only does it cost a lot of money but also gives their patients additional ailments to add to their misery.

Here is where microcannula acts as a remedy for such needles because it contains a blunt tip that is round in shape and the tube itself is hollow in nature with a thin and flexible outer body that makes it comfortable for the holder to use.

You can call it an upgraded version of the hypodermic needle that avoids piercing through the epidermis tissues and injuring blood vessels that can cause skin diseases of varied nature.

Due to having a blunt tip, microcannulas are extremely flexible in this matter as they gently glide into the skin with little to no injury marks, which cannot be said for injections with pointy needles that not only damage the inner tissues but also cause harm due to septic clotting of blood.

Ultimate Treatment

When you visit any medical spa in your vicinity, you would find many skincare experts using microcannula on a regular basis nowadays and doctors recommend it as well on a large scale to their patients because it is painless.

If you want to choose the best microcannula then you need to buy one with a flexible shaft so that it moves effortlessly around sensitive areas while at the same time be rigid enough for placement.

There are many layered structures surrounding the skin that can be seriously damaged when run through a pointed needle but since a microcannula has a blunt tip it opens up a cleaner path amongst the structures that cause less bleeding and no bruises.

This Microcannula Vs Needle debate can go on but it is surely worth your cash to give it a try at least once.