Micro Motor Assisted Rhinoplasty

The world of rhinoplasty is going to live a break-through in its history. The power of hammer for breaking the nose is at the end of its way. Technology is going to equip the aesthetic surgeons to cut the nose structure with ultra micro motor systems. Micro saws, micro rasps, and endoscopic facilities, all will be the new armamentarium of aesthetic surgeons to do perfect rhinoplasties.

Dr. Yakup Avşar from Istanbul has developed a technique for cutting the nasal bones. His article with the name of ‘Nasal Hump Reduction with Powered Micro Saw Osteotomy’ was published at the first number of Aesthetic Surgery Journal (Official journal of American academy of aesthetic plastic surgeons) on January 2009. In this article Dr. Avşar discusses the advantages of nasal hump removal with powered micro saw technology.

This technique prevents the risk of bone destruction that may be occurred with breaking by the power of hammer. The fine micro motor cutting technology of Bien-Air Company (Switzerland) is used for this technique. Ultra micro saws and rasps reshapes the fine bony structure of the nose in its most precise form. Of course for big humps it is not enough by itself to rasp the bone, instead it is necessary to cut the hump step by step to reach the ideal plane and then rasp the bony edges to smooth it. The fine arrangement of micro saws is also used to mobilize the lateral nasal walls to make the wide noses more narrow.

Dr. Avşar denotes that the control of cutting in micro motor technology is completely in the hands of aesthetic surgeon without relying on the assistant to input the power of hammer. Also the direction of osteotomy is easily controlled in this system more better than controlling the hammer power.

The most advantageous side of this technology is its capability in designing the nose. The aesthetic surgeon designs the ideal nose for your face in computer and plan to do the surgery based on the difference between the two. With this micro technology the aesthetic surgeın will be able to strictly define the enough tissue that should be removed from the bone structure of the nose.

One of the most important poits in rhinoplasty is the ability of aesthetic surgeon in assessing the result of surgery during the operation. For this there should be no swelling in tissues. In this technology, the skin cover of the nose is protected from swelling with the aid of retractors especially during the rasping. From the other hand the surgeon sees and views all the steps of bone surgery under direct vision and also under endoscopic control.

So the risk of surprise prominences is deeply decreased when the swelling sets back after surgery.

Another advantage of surgical micro motor system is the ability to do all of the stages of bone surgery under direct irrigation cooling and this protect the tissues from heating and destruction. Irrigation complex of this system enables the plastic surgeon to lower the heat especially during rasping that may destruct the tissues and cause swelling.