Health Facts – Relacid Gout Treatment

Throughout history, gout has been associated with rich foods and excessive alcohol consumption. Because it is clearly associated with a lifestyle that, at least in the past, could only be afforded by the affluent, gout has been referred to as the “disease of kings”.The first documentation of the disease is from Egypt in 2,600 BC in a description of arthritis of the big toe.

The directions for Relacid call for using 50 drops each day in water or juice. How and when you take Relacid can make a big difference as to how soon you will see results and stop suffering from gout. For best results we recommend mixing 10 drops in 8oz of water 5 times spread throughout the day. Consistency is the key with using Relacid gout treatment. If flavor is an issue, mix 25 drops in 8oz of juice taken morning and night. You may take with or without meals. If mild detoxification symptoms result, reduce dosage temporarily. No refrigeration required.After 90 days when gout relief has been achieved, reduce to a maintenance dosage of just 1 serving of 25 drops each day. Each bottle will then contain a 6 month supply.

The key ingredients in Relacid are Dissolved Oxygen, Amino Acids, Plant Enzymes Magnesium, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Potassium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Zinc plus over 60 trace minerals. These nutrients are highly concentrated and just 50 drops a day will raise the pH in the body and dissolve the uric acid crystals in the body.No, they will not. Relacid gout treatment nutrients are recognized by the body as a food and have no side effects and no toxicity. You can continue to take any kind of medication without fear of these nutrients interfering or causing negative reactions. There is technically no cure for gout. However, when you able to reduce the build-up of uric acid crystals through the use of Relacid and you are free of pain and swelling, one may consider themselves cured from gout.

You should continue to take any medications that have been prescribed by your physician. What will normally happen is that your pain and swelling will begin dramatically decrease. You should inform your physician that your taking Relacid and that you pain and swelling has decreased. Inform the doctor that you want to reduce the amount of medications you are taking accordingly.Relacid is manufactured in a FDA compliant and inspected facility that adherers to all of the guidelines under current GMP standards. The ingredients in Relacid have a history of safe use with over a 100,000 bottles sold yearly for the last 8 years.It depends totally upon the state of your body and your metabolism when you take Relacid gout treatment. First you may notice an increase in energy within a couple of days.

For those who are less healthy due to a prolonged battle with gout, the benefit of taking Relacid gout treatment may be experienced from the first month of taking it. Given the proper nutrients, the body starts its own repairing process, which is noticeable very shortly, depending on the individual and his/her particular bodily requirements.It is important to compare labels when choosing a gout treatment. Other products on the market may be priced 10%-15% less. Relacid gout treatment on the other hand is highly concentrated with each bottle containing 30 servings which is a 1 month supply. At $89.95 Relacid is a great value.Every order of Relacid gout treatment is shipped using the United States Postal Service so that every package can be tracked. Normally your order will arrive anywhere in the United States within 4 days.