Basic Equipment Required For A Smoothly Functioning Medical Spa

A spa is a business that provides relaxation and beauty improvement services in exchange for money. The term spa is derived from ‘Salus Per Aquam.’ The Latin words mean health from water. Since spa treatments include significant water usage, the term spa is derived from a foreign word. However, most people also believe that the term spa was given to the treatment method after a’ Spa’ village in Belgium. Despite differences in beliefs about the acquisition of the name, spas are getting more and more famous every day. The popularity of the spa business led to the establishment of medical spas. 

Medical Spa

A medical spa is similar to a general spa, except it provides healthcare services in addition to the essential cleansing and relaxation services provided generally by them. Spas such as the medical spa near me consist of various equipment and machinery to function smoothly. This is because a medical spa needs to provide attention to the clients’ health perspective and cosmetic and meditative services. Such equipment is made available at medical spa facilities to provide the desired services to clients. 

Equipment Required In A Medical Spa

Spas such as the medical spa near me provide non-surgical health care services such as skin treatment, acupressure, and so on. A majority of such non-surgical services require dedicated equipment. Thus, the availability of such equipment ensures that the medical spa facility functions smoothly and the clients experience a great satisfaction level. Some of the basic kits are discussed below:

  • Massage Table

Professional massage services require specially designed tables. These tables are designed to allow maximum efficiency in massage services. According to a study, massage is one of the most common services people visit spa facilities. Hence, a massage table can be considered essential for a functioning medical spa facility. 

  • Digital Skin Scanners

Skincare services are the second most common services requested by clients at medical spas. Before proceeding with the treatment method, the skin area must be analyzed through digital methods. This is because the naked eye is not possible to interpret the very minute details on the skin. Digital skin analyzing system enables professionals to gather the current skin data such as acne, pores, wrinkles, impurities, moisture, and keratin. After the assessment of these data, a proper treatment method is decided and performed. 

  • Facial Steamer

The digital facial steamer is an electronic device that helps open the skin’s pores. This device can also be used for a deep cleaning procedure of the skin. It consists of pivoted design and rotational features. Time and temperature control allows efficient and precise functioning of the device. These are often used after the data assessment step of digital skin scanners. 

  • Pedicure Station

Pedicure includes complete foot care. This is an elaborate procedure and requires seating in a particular position for long durations. A pedicure station is a type of seating used in medical spa facilities to position clients during the procedure comfortably.